Florimond Volckaert Fund

The Florimond Volckaert Fund (FVF) is an aid fund aimed at providing assistance to Skålleagues and their immediate families who are in.


This Fund was created in 1954

In the name of the founder of Skål International, Florimond Volckaert, to provide an International aid tool for those members and their families who require assistance.

The funds available for grants come from voluntary contributions from individual Skålleagues, Clubs, National and Area Committees, encouraging with these donations a spirit of solidarity and International cooperation among Skål International members.

How does the Florimond Volckaert Fund work?


If you or your immediate family require assistance, apply!


Three Trustees carefully screen confidential grant applications.


The applicant is informed of the decision and money transferred to his/her bank account.

Under what circumstances can help be requested?

There are INNUMERABLE reasons why help is requested, for example:

  • Old age (reduced income)
  • Death (spouse or dependent children requiring financial assistance)
  • Illness (serious or prolonged)
  • Medical expenses only available at personal expense beyond the means of the individual
  • Accidents
  • Criminal damage
  • Physical disability (equipment so that the quality of life can be improved)
  • Natural disasters (for members and their immediate family affected)
  • Or such similar or justifiable circumstances as may be approved by the Trustees as defined in the by-laws. Payments may be made as absolute gifts or loans with or without interest as the Trustees may decide. Loans for business purposes cannot be authorised.

These are just a very few examples of the forms of personal (not business) assistance that the Trustees have approved over the years.
“In all the years that I was soliciting donations for the FVF, I never dreamed that I would, one day, be asking for help from it.” - Skålleague recipient of help

You have all Skålleagues by your side

1. The Grant Application must be completed with as much detail as possible. Do not be hesitant in sharing all pertinent information as the Trustees need to know as much as possible about each individual case in order to make their decision as quickly as possible. It will be treated in complete confidence.

2. Please make it perfectly clear who the Skålleague or immediate family is who needs assistance.

3. Please be sure to give accurate contact information: address, email and telephone number with city and country codes and email addresses of all persons referenced on the application.

4. Assistance cannot be given for business purposes.

5. Please be sure to write a brief but clear explanation of the overall situation pertaining to the particular circumstances. This is sometimes the most important piece of information. This can include length of Skål International membership, positions held in the club, etc., and the current circumstances that makes you apply for this grant.

6. While the Florimond Volckaert Fund typically offers grants rather than loans, the recipient should be advised that, if they recover from the difficulties which created their special need, returning funds to the F.V.Fund as and when they are able to do so, is appreciated.

7. It is also appreciated if the recipient of the assistance sends an acknowledgement to the Florimond Volckaert Fund Trustees.

8. Any assistance given is completely confidential. Unless the recipients want to tell anyone about the help they have received, only the recipients, the sponsors and the Trustees will know.

Donate to the Florimond Volckaert Fund

Donations are voluntary contributions from individuals Skålleagues, Clubs, National and Area Committees

This is your Fund.

Remember, you never know when you might need help!